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Concoda • 794 implied HN points • 01 May 23
  1. The banking system has evolved significantly post the 2007/08 Great Financial Crisis, leading to changes in global monetary standards and U.S. central bank's mechanisms.
  2. Regulatory standards like LCR, NSFR, and SLR have transformed major financial institutions into stable entities, impacting their ability to engage in certain financial activities.
  3. The Federal Reserve introduced new mechanisms like Jaws of the Fed™ to control money market rates and ensure financial stability, but faces a dilemma with vulnerabilities in its global lower jaws.
The Greek Analyst • 199 implied HN points • 20 Nov 23
  1. The Greek stock market is performing well, with significant gains and various positive capital market developments like IPOs and investments.
  2. Greece's stock market offers appealing valuations compared to other European markets, making it an attractive investment opportunity.
  3. There is a resurgence of interest in Greek stocks, with increasing institutional support, positive outlook, and initiatives to boost market participation, indicating a potential trend for growth.
Geopolitical Economy Report • 378 implied HN points • 11 Jan 23
  1. Western sanctions against Russia led to increased trade with Asia but devastated Europe's economy
  2. Sanctions typically have a low success rate in changing the behavior of targeted states
  3. Sanctions can backfire and lead to unintended consequences like Russia's increased self-sufficiency and deepening Asian integration
Apricitas Economics • 64 implied HN points • 25 Mar 23
  1. Credit Suisse faced major financial issues over several years, with losses, leaked data, and fines leading to its demise.
  2. Swiss authorities forced Credit Suisse to merge with UBS to prevent a public collapse and global financial crisis.
  3. The fallout from Credit Suisse's fall includes impacts on European banks, market confidence, and central bank efforts to stabilize the financial system.
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Anxiety Addiction & Ascension • 39 implied HN points • 25 Apr 23
  1. Spread awareness about ESG - it's a system favoring wokeness enforced by major financial players like BlackRock, affecting corporate decisions and ultimately societal control.
  2. Understand the impact of ESG on governance - it links to decisions like vaccine mandates through corporate governance criteria, influencing businesses to align with certain agendas to secure investment.
  3. Engage in conversations about ESG - discuss with others to raise awareness, starting with trusted individuals, to shed light on how ESG influences our lives and economy.
Japan Economy Watch • 79 implied HN points • 16 Feb 22
  1. Japan's GDP in 2021 was just 2% above its level from 14 years ago in 2007, showing a stagnant long-term economic performance.
  2. The growth Japan has seen has largely been dependent on government deficit spending, with private domestic demand remaining below pre-2007 levels.
  3. Economists predict Japan's GDP growth to continue in a saw-toothed pattern, with the economy expected to grow by 3.3% in 2022 and 1.8% in 2023, but still lagging behind other major economies like the US and Eurozone.