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East Wind 17 implied HN points 11 Dec 23
  1. Venture capital is facing challenges like the curse of scale and lower returns, making the industry more competitive.
  2. Data science and AI are reshaping VC investment processes, improving deal sourcing and evaluation.
  3. VC is becoming higher frequency, with firms leveraging AI to move faster and secure deals in a more competitive landscape.
Afridigest 0 implied HN points 14 Feb 24
  1. The inaugural Africa Fintech Market Update report provides a monthly overview of key fintech developments across the continent, making it easier for followers to stay informed.
  2. In January 2024, eleven Africa-focused fintech startups collectively raised $25 million, showcasing continued investment trends in the sector.
  3. Notable highlights include Nigerian neobank Kuda's impressive customer base growth and South Africa's Ukheshe leveraging an acquisition to expand its market reach.