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COVID Reason 62 likes 07 Jan 22
Our good friend Phil Kerpen suggested we put in an amicus brief to the court case heard today before the Supreme Court regarding the OSHA mandate. So we did! We went back and forth but decided that Phil’s non-profit group would be the best name to throw this under and frankly Phil did most of the work here with Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford University and Andrew Bostom of Brown University.
COVID Reason 62 likes 23 Jan 22
One of our follower on Twitter, @RayPrisament, has an excellent thread cataloguing the impact on kids of wearing masks. Bookmark this email for your reference or refer to his thread here. New York Times: “Masks have encouraged anonymity and discouraged dialogue. “ 'People don’t know how to communicate anymore,' said Jazlyn Korpics, 18, a senior at Liberty. 'Everybody’s a robot now — their minds are warped.'
COVID Reason 58 likes 12 Jan 22
“The image of this supposed danger beset and tortured the minds of the people far more than the real and existing danger.”
COVID Reason 58 likes 10 Jan 22
Reporter extraordinaire Sharyl Attkisson has epic thread on the vaccines explaining is very simple terms and accepted studies how the vaccines have not met expectations. Link to the thread. #1 "Pandemic of the Vaccinated" #2 From: The epidemiological relevance of the COVID-19-vaccinated population is increasing High COVID-19 vaccination rates were expected to reduce transmission.. by reducing the number of possible sources for transmission and thereby to reduce the burden of COVID-19 disease.
COVID Reason 54 likes 19 Jan 22
Yesterday, an all-star line-up of health overlords and pharma grifters were on a panel with the high priest of The Science, Dr. Tony Fauci. If you think I’m laying on the metaphors too thick just get a load of this clip from his appearance at the World Economic Forum yesterday:
COVID Reason 46 likes 22 Jan 22
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COVID Reason 43 likes 27 Dec 21
The New Year is upon us and we’ll probably be doing some year-in-review posts this week but here’s what you missed over the weekend: “They will be paying for our generation’s decision the rest of their lives” Jan Crawford is one of the least crazy libs over at CBS and so her remarks on children were very well-received. The impact on children (which some of us have been decrying for 20+ months) is massive and it will impact this rising wave of youth in dramatic and unfortunate ways.
COVID Reason 42 likes 30 Dec 21
I have a hidden talent that I don’t use as often as I should. I’m not the best in this space by any means but my video parody skills have become case law and won me awards in the past. (Google Justin Hart Don Henley if you wanna go down the rabbit hole of parody vs. satire in copyright protections).
COVID Reason 41 likes 20 Jan 22
ICYMI. I had the opportunity to appear on FoxNews discussing President Biden’s presser as it related to Covid. Here’s that segment. Two other quick videos for your perusal this morning. First, from a British news program. A commentator who is student reacts to the announcement that Britain is removing mask mandates. Watch at 1:40 seconds. Her breakdown is what almost ALL students feel about masks.
COVID Reason 24 likes 13 Jan 22
Some excellent excerpts from the SCOTUS OSHA ruling which was just handed down. The CMS mandate (regulating vaccinations for workers at federally funded healthcare facilities) was upheld but there are other state-level efforts which might work around those mandates.
COVID Reason 20 likes 30 Dec 21
The report from our friends at Burbio from a few days ago. I expect the New Year’s report to be devastating. We’ll be discussing this on the podcast today at noon Pacific. Burbio School Opening Tracker: Latest Updates We continue to see an increase in school closures due to Covid 19, in particular in pockets of the Northeast and Mid Atlantic where states such as
COVID Reason 17 likes 05 Jan 22
Our friends at Burbio have a devastating report to begin the year. See below and share broadly! From Burbio… Since last week we saw a rise in school disruptions driven by Covid 19 cases, in particular among staff. In this report we introduce a new "disruptions by day" chart that gives a more precise look at the post-vacation dynamic of the school year. We will be updating our
COVID Reason 17 likes 18 Jan 22
Join us at noon as we talk with the always-prescient ever-knowledgable Megan Mansell - aka the mask lady via the Callin app. Here’s the latest from our friends at Burbio. It isn’t pretty: Late this week there was an acceleration of disruptions across the country beyond the Northeast and Midwest regions that had seen the bulk of issues over the previous three weeks. The number of schools disrupted during the week reached a new high as did the number of schools closed Friday as districts used the three-day weekend to extend their break and relieve staffing issues.
COVID Reason 16 likes 09 Jan 22
Report from our friends at Burbio: We saw a continued rise in school disruptions as last week went on, driven by staff shortages. Several thousand schools that were virtual or closed for parts of last week have a stated intention to return to in-person learning this coming Monday, January 10th. We will be updating our