Chicken Little Gets a Terminal

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Doomberg 5655 HN points 11 Mar 23
Battery breakthroughs at lab scale are rarely commercially viable. We offer an evergreen model for understanding the newest claims.
Doomberg 4001 HN points 16 Mar 23
Regulators moved swiftly last week to crush several banks tied to the crypto industry. What might this mean for the future of Bitcoin?
Doomberg 2730 HN points 08 Mar 23
The weaponization of banking access – first seen in the online poker crackdown of 2011 – rears its head in the battles over crypto and fossil fuel funding alike.
Doomberg 2578 HN points 03 Mar 23
In a frenzy rivaling that of the AMC Ape Mania, holders of META’s worthless OTC preferred shares are left with nothing but confused outrage.