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The Bear Cave 2516 HN points 26 Jan 23
The Bear Cave spent dozens of hours finding the best resources for professional investors. None of these are paid endorsements and we receive no affiliate commissions; this list is based solely on our experience using the products and user reviews. We hope you enjoy this list — The Bear Cave will be back with our regular newsletter this Sunday.
The Bear Cave 1561 HN points 19 Jan 23
Planet Fitness (NYSE: PLNT — $7.43 billion) is the leading franchisor of low-cost gyms in the United States. The company’s low price point, as little as $10/month, convenient 2,000+ locations, and branding as a “judgment free zone” have been a hit with consumers. Planet Fitness has also been a hit with investors, shares are up ~350% since the company’s August 2015 IPO propelled by a growing franchise base that’s nearly doubled from 1,066 in 2015 to 2,091 franchised gyms today. At ~40x forward earnings, investors believe the franchise network is healthy and has room to grow. The Bear Cave doesn’t.
The Bear Cave 699 HN points 02 Feb 23
Two weeks ago, The Bear Cave published on problems at Planet Fitness (NYSE: PLNT — $7.51 billion), the leading franchisor of low-cost gyms in the United States. The Bear Cave highlighted numerous consumer complaints against Planet Fitness and wrote, in part,
The Bear Cave 512 HN points 05 Jan 23
Rumble (NASDAQ: RUM — $2.56 billion) describes itself as a video sharing platform “on a mission to protect a free and open internet.” In reality, Rumble is a hotbed for far-right content, and the recent arrest of one of its biggest stars, the company’s continued struggles to break into organic mainstream content, and an accounting reclassification may be signs of deeper problems. Based on a review of Rumble’s filings, The Bear Cave believes Rumble lacks the economic substance of a $2.5 billion business.