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The Bear Cave is a weekly newsletter focused on uncovering financial discrepancies, questionable corporate practices, and significant leadership changes within companies. It includes activist reports, executive resignations, and market insights, alongside highlighting legal, operational, and competitive challenges faced by corporations across various industries.

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513 implied HN points 25 Feb 24
  1. New activist reports were published on companies like B. Riley Financial, Fluence Energy, and AirSculpt Technologies, raising concerns about undisclosed information, fraud allegations, and safety issues.
  2. There were recent resignations at Planet Fitness, including the CFO and former CEO, highlighting potential governance and operational concerns at the company.
  3. Several notable executive departures were announced in the past week at companies like MoneyHero, Icahn Enterprises, and Health Catalyst, pointing towards management instability and issues within these organizations.
559 implied HN points 18 Feb 24
  1. New Activist Reports highlighted concerns about various companies' practices, such as management history and accounting irregularities.
  2. Recent Resignations included notable departures of executives from companies like Cannae Holdings and Funko due to various reasons.
  3. Tweets of the Week showcased impactful posts related to finance and investment, providing insights and observations on current market trends.
653 implied HN points 15 Feb 24
  1. The Bear Cave has raised concerns about B. Riley's ties and financial exposure to an accused fraudster, Brian Kahn, as well as regulatory and disclosure issues at the company.
  2. Short seller Marc Cohodes referred to B. Riley as the "biggest pound-for-pound financial fraud" he has seen.
  3. New evidence presented by The Bear Cave includes a potential departure of B. Riley's audit engagement partner, contradicting statements about a loan to Brian Kahn, and engagement of outside counsel by B. Riley's auditor in response to concerns.
863 implied HN points 11 Feb 24
  1. New activist reports highlighted issues with companies like CAVA Group, Soho House & Co, Fairfax Financial Holdings, and Dun & Bradstreet Holdings.
  2. Recent resignations from notable executives, including CEOs and CFOs at companies like Grifols, HF Foods Group, Enerpac Tool Group, and Allego, were disclosed.
  3. The Bear Cave also featured insightful tweets of the week and suggested articles on topics such as how the funeral industry hides bad actors and SEC charging Cloopen Group with accounting fraud.
1562 implied HN points 21 Jan 24
  1. New activist reports highlight concerns about various companies' practices and financial status.
  2. Recent resignations of notable executives from multiple companies indicate ongoing changes in leadership.
  3. Range of articles and tweets shared on different topics provide diverse insights and updates in the financial world.
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606 implied HN points 28 Jan 24
  1. New activist reports on companies' financial statements and operations
  2. Recent resignations of notable executives in various corporations
  3. Tweets of the week highlighting key discussions and reactions in the financial community
1119 implied HN points 14 Jan 24
  1. New activist reports revealed alleged financial manipulation by companies like Grifols and ethical lapses at DocGo.
  2. Multiple executive resignations were announced, including CFOs and CEOs from various companies.
  3. Notable tweets of the week were highlighted, showcasing discussions on regulatory actions and financial concerns.
1096 implied HN points 07 Jan 24
  1. New Activist Reports on Medical Properties Trust and consequences
  2. Significant Recent Resignations from various companies
  3. Highlighted Tweets of the Week referencing market happenings and insights
956 implied HN points 26 Mar 23
  1. New activist reports were published on various companies, highlighting inflated metrics and concerns about criminal activity.
  2. Notable executive resignations were disclosed in the past week, including CEOs and CFOs from several companies.
  3. The newsletter also featured tweets of the week, discussing topics like company legal risks and market observations.
816 implied HN points 02 Apr 23
  1. New activist reports raised concerns about corrupt practices in pharmaceutical and financial companies
  2. Recent resignations of notable executives from various companies were disclosed
  3. The post also includes recommendations on what to read and tweets of the week related to financial topics
863 implied HN points 12 Mar 23
  1. New activist reports were released on various companies like Essential Utilities and, highlighting concerns about their operations and financial reporting.
  2. Recent resignations from notable executives were disclosed across companies like Mr. Cooper Group and Allbirds Inc, raising questions about stability and leadership turnover.
  3. The post also featured recommended reads and tweets of the week from finance and investment industry insiders, providing additional insights and opinions on current events.
863 implied HN points 26 Feb 23
  1. New activist reports highlighted issues with pharmaceutical, power tool, and biopharmaceutical companies
  2. Recent resignations of notable executives from various corporations were disclosed
  3. Earnings to watch for upcoming week include companies like Playtika Holding Corp and eXp World Holdings
863 implied HN points 19 Feb 23
  1. New activist reports were published on companies like Etsy and Goosehead Insurance, highlighting issues like counterfeit goods and financial practices.
  2. Recent resignations of notable executives from companies like Bally's Corp and Rocket Companies Inc were disclosed, signaling leadership changes.
  3. Upcoming earnings to watch include reports from companies like Coinbase and Planet Fitness, with previous investigations uncovering various issues.
746 implied HN points 19 Mar 23
  1. NINGI Research published an activist report on Arbor Realty Trust, alleging accounting anomalies and overvaluation.
  2. There have been multiple recent resignations of CEOs and CFOs in various companies.
  3. The post includes tweets of the week highlighting short pitches, company updates, and executive statements.
699 implied HN points 05 Mar 23
  1. New activist reports highlight financial discrepancies in different companies.
  2. Recent resignations of notable executives in various organizations.
  3. Featured tweets discussing potential issues in different companies and industries.
769 implied HN points 05 Feb 23
  1. New activist reports on various companies revealed financial concerns and questionable practices.
  2. Recent resignations of executives from multiple companies were disclosed, raising potential red flags.
  3. Highlighted tweets of the week showcased discussions around stock market activities and company leadership changes.
1 HN point 06 Apr 23
  1. Airbnb is facing challenges from professional hosts who are building their own platforms and offering deals outside of Airbnb.
  2. Sentiment against Airbnb has shifted negatively on social media due to various horror stories and scandals.
  3. Professionally managed properties in the short-term rental market are gaining traction, offering better advantages and revenue than individual hosts.