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The Bear Cave β€’ 559 implied HN points β€’ 18 Feb 24
  1. New Activist Reports highlighted concerns about various companies' practices, such as management history and accounting irregularities.
  2. Recent Resignations included notable departures of executives from companies like Cannae Holdings and Funko due to various reasons.
  3. Tweets of the Week showcased impactful posts related to finance and investment, providing insights and observations on current market trends.
Asian Century Stocks β€’ 668 implied HN points β€’ 24 Jan 24
  1. Tan & Robinson's book on Asian financial statement analysis is a key resource for spotting fraud and misrepresentation in Asia.
  2. Watch out for companies with high margins, poor cash flows, fast-growing balance sheets, and complex corporate structures with frequent related party transactions.
  3. High-profile short-seller reports should be taken seriously when assessing potential fraud in companies.
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Value Investing Substack β€’ 373 implied HN points β€’ 14 Jan 24
  1. The VIS Portfolio outperformed the S&P 500 both in up and down years, showing it's a zero-correlation portfolio.
  2. By focusing on undervalued stocks, the VIS Portfolio achieved similar or higher upside than the S&P 500 with lower downside risk.
  3. The VIS Portfolio has consistently beaten the S&P 500 across different time periods, showcasing the effectiveness of the value investing strategy.
Value Investing Substack β€’ 275 implied HN points β€’ 21 Jan 24
  1. Hibbett is a unique retail company marketing to a niche customer demographic in the sneakerhead culture.
  2. The business model of Hibbett resembles marketing-focused businesses like fashion brands rather than traditional retail.
  3. Hibbett's management exhibits strong financial acumen through optimal capital allocation and cost management.
Philoinvestor β€’ 78 implied HN points β€’ 25 Jan 24
  1. Avon Protection faced challenges with its body armour segment, resulting in a strategic review and decision to wind down that business.
  2. Management decided to focus on respiratory and helmets, simplifying the business.
  3. The company's decision to streamline its operations was driven by risks and uncertainties associated with the body armour segment.
Mindset Value β€’ 393 implied HN points β€’ 20 Sep 23
  1. Institutional investors have not yet significantly entered the cannabis space, despite recent positive industry developments.
  2. Institutions will focus on understanding unit economics and demanding better disclosure from cannabis companies before investing.
  3. Growth, balance sheet risk, and interstate commerce concerns are some key factors institutions will weigh before entering the cannabis market.
Value Investing Substack β€’ 294 implied HN points β€’ 02 Jun 23
  1. Big Gaming sector has wide moats with hit-based revenue streams like microtransactions and lootboxes, making it difficult for new entrants to compete.
  2. Big Gaming companies benefit from infinite free cash flow streams from hit franchises and have pricing power in the industry.
  3. There is a potential convergence between Big Gaming, Big Media, and Big Tech sectors, leading to synergies in brand assets and content creation.
Gad’s Newsletter β€’ 23 implied HN points β€’ 29 Jan 24
  1. Vroom, a once promising player in online used-car sales, faced financial struggles and announced ceasing e-commerce operations.
  2. Comparison between Carvana and Vroom reveals operational challenges like inventory turnover, highlighting Vroom's decline in efficiency.
  3. Online used-car platforms face hurdles like high inventory costs, aging inventory, and challenges in digital transformation.
The Leonard Letter β€’ 19 implied HN points β€’ 19 Jan 24
  1. House hacking a fourplex in Boise with renting possibilities near the university could be a smart move for your portfolio.
  2. Initial financial analysis shows a slight monthly loss, but potential to increase income by furnishing rentals and bundling utilities.
  3. Consider leveraging student housing demand and available options to generate additional income and potentially turn the property profitable.
Behavioral Value Investor β€’ 126 implied HN points β€’ 30 Jul 23
  1. Prepare questions for a CEO interview to focus on 'what' and 'how' without being accusatory.
  2. Before interviewing a CEO, decide your goals such as learning, relationship building, or understanding culture.
  3. Topics to cover during a CEO interview include strategy, customers, economics, capital allocation, company culture, and CEO motivations.
Value Investing Substack β€’ 137 implied HN points β€’ 17 Apr 23
  1. Warren Buffett has been acquiring Occidental Petroleum shares and the company is focused on returning shareholder capital.
  2. Occidental Petroleum is committed to limiting production growth and allocating capital towards shareholder return.
  3. Crude oil prices are expected to be volatile, and Occidental Petroleum has a high dividend yield compared to other E&P competitors.
The Data Score β€’ 79 implied HN points β€’ 26 Apr 23
  1. Alternative Data is not only valuable for short-term predictions but can also enhance long-term forecasts.
  2. Investors should approach long-term investment decisions with a Bayesian mindset, considering various data points and recalibrating views as new information emerges.
  3. Breaking down unanswerable big questions into smaller, measurable components, selecting relevant data metrics, and continuously monitoring and adjusting long-term forecasts can lead to better decision-making in investing.
Technology Made Simple β€’ 79 implied HN points β€’ 12 Aug 22
  1. Stock market volatility is not solely caused by 'Robinhood investors'; experts' claims are not well-supported by research and basic math
  2. While individual firms have seen increased volatility, overall market volatility has remained relatively consistent, highlighting the importance of looking beyond surface-level narratives
  3. Opportunity cost plays a significant role in firm-level volatility, with investors impacting individual stocks based on trends, emotions, and investment decisions, even if market-wide volatility does not reflect this
Technology Made Simple β€’ 79 implied HN points β€’ 21 May 22
  1. Golden handcuffs are financial incentives designed to keep employees with a company for a specific period by offering benefits like stock options.
  2. Companies use golden handcuffs to retain good talent, align employee incentives with company success, and when cash flow is limited.
  3. Considerations when dealing with golden handcuffs include potential stock value fluctuations, public vs. private company shares, and evaluating companies for true value amidst market hype.
Superfluid β€’ 2 HN points β€’ 14 Jun 23
  1. The current venture capital model is flawed with oversupply of capital leading to inflated early-stage valuations.
  2. There is a need for a rethinking of venture capital funding model to balance fund size, number of investments, and ownership stake.
  3. Smaller seed rounds focused on hitting milestones may be more rewarding than accepting large cheques with high valuations.
The Tweetsift Report β€’ 0 implied HN points β€’ 06 Mar 23
  1. Nonfarm business sector labor productivity increased by 1.7% in Q4 2022, despite declining annually by 1.7%.
  2. Nonfinancial corporate sector productivity rose by 0.6% in Q3 2022, contrary to previous reports of a 1.6% decline.
  3. Overall, the report indicates more bullish sentiments in labor productivity, with positive indicators surpassing negative ones.
Jonah’s Growth Stocks β€’ 0 implied HN points β€’ 07 Jan 24
  1. Aspen Aerogels has a big opportunity in the EV and energy storage markets with their advanced aerogel technology
  2. Growth in thermal barrier sales could bring in significant revenues and earnings for Aspen for many years
  3. Aspen is expected to be EBITDA+ this year and GAAP profitable next year, trading at a low multiple of 9x 2025 EBITDA
Spilled Coffee β€’ 0 implied HN points β€’ 13 Jan 24
  1. Stock market showed strong performance, reaching new all-time highs with certain companies taking the lead.
  2. Historical data suggests slow starts in the market may lead to rallies later in the year.
  3. Consider investing in stocks like Alphabet, CrowdStrike, and Home Depot for 2024, based on potential growth opportunities and market trends.