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Brain Pizza 728 implied HN points 05 Mar 24
  1. Belief exhaustion is the emotional and psychological toll on individuals rigidly adhering to extreme beliefs, resulting in mental and emotional fatigue.
  2. Some people experience belief exhaustion and end up giving up their convictions due to the demanding nature of their beliefs.
  3. The collapse of political regimes sometimes shows the phenomenon of belief exhaustion, where individuals abandon their certainties leading to a rapid disintegration of shared reality.
Peter Boghossian 727 implied HN points 08 Feb 24
  1. Chris Martenson discusses the journey of migrants from Ecuador to the US border, often aided by organizations like the UN and Catholic charities.
  2. The conversation highlights the hypocrisy of Western governments allowing illegal immigration and the resulting distrust in governmental institutions.
  3. The talk concludes on a hopeful note, despite the challenges discussed.
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Sinocism 923 implied HN points 24 Oct 23
  1. PRC ships rammed Philippine vessels in South China Sea, escalation of crisis at Second Thomas Shoal
  2. Wang Yi visiting US, part of effort to have Xi Jinping attend APEC in San Francisco and meet with Biden
  3. Intensifying spy war between US and China, with recent revelations of alleged US spies and Five Eyes discussing threats from China
kamilkazani 353 implied HN points 18 Nov 23
  1. The USSR had a massive military and machine tool industry, but when it collapsed in 1991, Russia struggled to maintain it
  2. Russia was forced to cut military spending after the USSR's collapse, leading to financial ruin for much of its military industry
  3. The Russian military industry suffered for over a decade due to reduced government purchases
Chartbook 1659 implied HN points 19 Mar 23
  1. A stressful day for financial markets due to negotiations about the future of Credit Suisse.
  2. Switzerland considering emergency measures for UBS to take over Credit Suisse amid banking crises.
  3. Signs of negative impact on the real economy, especially through small banks and commercial real estate loans.
Geopolitical Economy Report 518 implied HN points 09 Sep 23
  1. Imperialism is a product of the struggle between classes and nations, impacting our world.
  2. Geopolitical economy helps in understanding international relations within the capitalist world system.
  3. The BRICS summit signifies an alternative economic vision based on cooperation and development, challenging traditional Western imperialism.
The Joyous Struggle 276 implied HN points 08 Nov 23
  1. The concept of crisis should be viewed with discernment to free oneself from its hold and not default to crisis-thinking as the primary mode of existence.
  2. The alchemy of crisis involves transcending crisis-thinking to uncover hidden potential and engage in a meaningful way with the world, shifting from crisis-oriented language to exploring prefigurative elements of a better world.
  3. Different stages of crisis perception like crisis, polycrisis, permacrisis, metacrisis, and postcrisis reflect evolving relationships with crises, emphasizing the need to move towards a mature understanding of crisis as one aspect among many in societal dynamics.
The Cosmopolitan Globalist 10 implied HN points 27 Feb 24
  1. American history since the turn of the century has shown a trend of staggering incompetence, leading to catastrophic consequences.
  2. There has been a significant breakdown in competence in the United States, as highlighted by various failures like the Iowa caucuses debacle and other fiascos.
  3. The impact of this decline in American competence can be seen in events such as the mishandling of the pandemic and failures in areas like election design, intelligence assessment, and financial risk evaluation.
Bit Personality 2 implied HN points 14 Feb 24
  1. There's a crisis in education - dropping test scores, teacher turnover, and school violence. Various solutions are proposed, highlighting the complexity of the issue.
  2. Galacto-Amorous Personism philosophy emphasizes the importance of love (_Amor_) in education. Lack of love in schools is seen as a root cause of the crisis.
  3. The presentation promises to delve into the theory of _Amor_, link it to learning and education woes, discuss its connection to the internet, and present solutions developed by the speaker and colleagues.
The Permanent Problem 7 implied HN points 11 Apr 23
  1. The author argues that there is a sense of transition and uncertainty facing modern societies, but history shows that resilience and renewal are possible.
  2. Technological advancements, especially in AI, present opportunities for progress but also raise concerns about automation and job displacement.
  3. There is a discussion about the crisis of inclusion, with evidence showing some progress in reducing income inequality in the U.S. through policy measures and economic trends.
Michelle Rempel Garner 0 implied HN points 19 Jan 24
  1. Minister Sean Fraser is being seen as outshining Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, causing potential political tensions.
  2. Mr. Fraser made decisions in the immigration sector that worsened existing problems, leading to a policy disaster.
  3. Fraser overlooked warnings about the housing market's inability to handle increased immigration levels, resulting in widespread homelessness and questioning of Canada's immigration consensus.