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samf 78 likes 17 May 22
Welcome to our second live Q+A for paid subscribers. Put your questions on the war below and Lawrence will answer for an hour or so. If there are questions left he might come back later and answer a few more. We’ve had a few questions in advance which Sam will post.
samf 44 likes 29 Apr 22
9A Russian ballistic nuclear missile roles through Red Square during rehearsals for the 2018 Military Victory Parade (Photo by Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images) It is an unfortunate feature of wars that they are often launched with an expectation of swift and decisive conclusions but then spin out of control, losing both focus and limits. Just over thirty years ago I wrote
samf 34 likes 10 May 22
Russian soliders at the 77th “Victory” Parade on Monday. (Photo by Contributor/Getty Images) Among the Kremlin’s many regrets about the conduct of this war one might be that expectations were allowed to build up around the annual parade to mark the end of the Great Patriotic War on 9 May. The link first emerged in March when there were reports that this had been set as a deadline for victory, or at least some notable military achievements, that could be celebrated by Vladimir Putin. But in the absence of any significant achievements, the date began instead to be approached with a different sense of foreboding – as a moment when Putin would be obliged to escalate. This might involve turning the ‘special military operation’ into a full-scale war, with the accompanying mobilisation of reservists and conscripts, or announcing an intent to annex Donetsk, Luhansk and Kherson, or, especially alarming, raising again the prospect of nuclear war.
samf 29 likes 27 May 22
Henry Kissinger at Davos this week where he argued Ukraine should give up territory to end the war. If there is a single question put to me more than any other, it is ‘How long will this war last?’ – even more so than ‘Who will win?’ In practice the two questions are unavoidably connected. Both questions have acquired some extra urgency as Ukraine acknowledges that it is engaged in tough fighting in the Donbas. Though this should not come as a surprise, given the effort that Russia has been putting into this phase of the war, it has challenged the developing expectation that Russia would move from one setback to another until at some point – possibly quite soon – they would be expelled from Ukraine altogether.
samf 24 likes 07 May 22
Sadiq Khan and Karen Buck MP celebrate with the new Labour leader of Westminster Council after taking control for the first time ever. (Photo by Jonathan Brady/PA Images via Getty Images) I’m not going to spend too much time setting out the results from the local elections both because the numbers are easily available elsewhere, and because last week’s
samf 24 likes 17 May 22
The Russian flagship Moskva sinking after being hit by Ukrainian Neptune missiles. From the start of this war there has been natural concern about the difficulties of keeping it confined to two belligerents within defined geographical boundaries. This concern is most often expressed in scenarios in which Vladimir Putin, having seen his ambitions thwarted and with his forces on the run, lashes out in anger, even with nuclear weapons.
samf 23 likes 24 May 22
A flashing red light should be going off in Downing Street after Scott Morrison's loss
samf 16 likes 05 May 22
A Syrian child receives medical help after a chemical weapons attack in Douma in April 2018. Assadist and Russian propagandists spread theories it was a “false flag”. (Photo by Mouneb Taim/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images) ‘Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.’
samf 6 likes 04 May 22
Welcome to new subscribers from April. This is a monthly post Sam writes to update on the substack; link to favourite pieces; and review a recommended book. This month Dad has continued to focus on the Russo-Ukraine war. Last week he looked at the risks of Russia lashing out as it struggles to gain a military advantage. I have looked at the far-right in Europe, both in terms of Marine Le Pen’s