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PETITION • 707 implied HN points • 09 Jan 24
  1. Kirkland & Ellis LLP dominated the restructuring market in '23 by handling a vast amount of significant company-side chapter 11 filings.
  2. Joshua Sussberg of Kirkland & Ellis LLP emerged as a prominent figure in the restructuring circles, known for his relentless work ethic and deal-making prowess.
  3. Several other firms and professionals received honorable mentions for their notable contributions and achievements in the bankruptcy and restructuring field.
Journo Resources - The Opportunities • 157 implied HN points • 24 Oct 23
  1. Various journalism job opportunities available at companies like Bloomberg, BBC, and ITV.
  2. Feedback is crucial in the application process, even if facing rejection.
  3. Upcoming events and resources to support journalism career growth and development.
Journo Resources - The Opportunities • 216 implied HN points • 13 Jun 23
  1. The financial data showed a turnover of nearly £92,000, breakdown of revenue sources, and major expenses.
  2. Revenue sources included grants, job ad sales, memberships, sponsorships, and affiliate sales.
  3. Major expenses included staff costs, freelance payments, services, and goods like printing.
Journo Resources - The Opportunities • 98 implied HN points • 26 Sep 23
  1. Apply for the Georgina Henry Award for Digital Innovation, it could be a game changer for you.
  2. Various job opportunities are available in journalism, from junior recipe developer to managing editor roles.
  3. There are deadlines approaching for journalism awards and scholarships, like The Write To End Violence Against Women Awards and the Working-Class Writers' Prize.
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Journo Resources - The Opportunities • 39 implied HN points • 05 Dec 23
  1. Pre-orders are open for the annual yearbook, and selling 300 copies will cover costs for the organization
  2. Special offers for the first 100 buyers of the yearbook include limited edition pin badges and digital copies of previous magazines
  3. Various job opportunities at reputable organizations like CNN, Bloomberg, the Financial Times, the BBC, and more are available
Journo Resources - The Opportunities • 98 implied HN points • 14 Feb 23
  1. Various job opportunities available in journalism from companies like Channel 4, ITV, and Big Issue.
  2. Different journalism training programs and internship opportunities to consider, like those at The Daily Mail and Dazed Digital.
  3. A variety of freelance and full-time journalism roles are being advertised at different companies and publications.
Journo Resources - The Opportunities • 58 implied HN points • 23 May 23
  1. Creativity and ideas are crucial in journalism, both for job applications and freelance work.
  2. Managing stress and setting realistic expectations can help maintain creativity.
  3. Various job opportunities in journalism are available, including internships, apprenticeships, and roles in different media organizations.
Technology Made Simple • 39 implied HN points • 02 May 22
  1. Redis is commonly used in Systems Design and has many functionalities, making it suitable for various user needs.
  2. Redis 7.0 has been released, signaling the importance of understanding Redis in System Design.
  3. By expanding your Redis knowledge, you could increase your job opportunities as recruiters actively seek professionals with such expertise.
Year 2049 • 4 implied HN points • 08 Sep 23
  1. AI is creating new job opportunities by introducing new technologies and needs.
  2. New AI job roles like Prompt Engineer & Librarian and Senior AI Product Counsel have specific responsibilities, qualifications, and high salaries.
  3. There is a growing demand for skills at the intersection of law and AI, highlighting the need for legal counsel in product development.