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Lenny's Newsletter 4559 implied HN points 19 Sep 23
  1. The Magic Loop is a framework for rapid career growth with five basic steps.
  2. The core Loop consists of doing your job well, asking your manager how you can help, doing what they ask, asking for work that aligns with your career goals, and repeating the cycle.
  3. Building a cooperative relationship with your manager through the Magic Loop can lead to career advancement and mutual benefits.
Elena's Growth Scoop 766 implied HN points 22 Dec 23
  1. Interim roles offer flexibility for both employers and employees in fast-changing industries like tech.
  2. Finding an interim role may not be as straightforward as finding a full-time position, but it can be converted from existing opportunities with a specific focus or through a contract-to-hire approach.
  3. Compensation for interim roles should consider benefits, be a mix of cash and equity, and aim to match or exceed full-time market rates for specialized expertise.
The Uncommon Executive 59 implied HN points 17 Mar 24
  1. Moving from an individual contributor to a manager role can be challenging, especially in product management where prior management experience is often required.
  2. Key factors for transitioning to a management position include being a high-performer, having influence across the organization, and the presence of a business need for a manager.
  3. Securing sponsorship, networking effectively, and identifying the right mentor or manager to learn from are crucial steps in transitioning to a management role.
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Leading Developers 43 implied HN points 19 Mar 24
  1. Be the go-to person for your manager by taking ownership of important tasks and being proactive in asking for responsibilities.
  2. Become visible outside your team by working on critical projects for the organization, actively participating in Slack channels, and producing helpful content.
  3. When seeking a promotion, be respectful but firm in asking for what you want, setting concrete goals, and taking proactive steps to achieve them.
Arpit’s Newsletter 176 implied HN points 04 Feb 24
  1. Extreme ownership means taking initiative and completing tasks without waiting to be told what to do.
  2. Keeping everyone on the same page by proactively sharing progress and potential roadblocks is crucial for success.
  3. Extreme ownership does not mean working twice as hard, but rather taking complete ownership and ensuring delivery of assigned tasks.
Elena's Growth Scoop 2063 implied HN points 21 Apr 23
  1. Starting as a solopreneur is like starting any other business, using skills from your job to help grow yourself.
  2. For solopreneurs, differentiation comes from specificity in knowledge, focusing on specific industries or business models.
  3. As a solopreneur, build a portfolio of monetizable services and explore advising opportunities for a flexible and potentially more rewarding path.
SeattleDataGuy’s Newsletter 930 implied HN points 12 Aug 23
  1. Focusing on impact in your work can accelerate your career growth and lead to more satisfying outcomes.
  2. To have more impact in tech, run towards unsolved problems, be scrappy in finding solutions, and prioritize ruthlessly.
  3. Impact can be achieved by reducing costs or increasing revenue, and understanding how your work contributes to these areas is essential for career advancement in engineering.
Elena's Growth Scoop 1139 implied HN points 26 May 23
  1. Don't quit your full-time job to start advising, aim to close your first advising contract while still working full-time.
  2. Shift the narrative by creating your first advising opportunity instead of waiting for one to come to you.
  3. Focus on learning and experience in your first advisory contract, not just money. Iterate and analyze patterns to decide your future in advising.
The Caring Techie Newsletter 12 implied HN points 14 Mar 24
  1. Your personal brand is what people know you for, and it's important for career growth and opportunities.
  2. Debunk common myths about personal branding like it being only for selling or less competent individuals.
  3. Having a solid personal brand can help you stand out at work, build trust with stakeholders, and expand your influence.
Implementing 78 implied HN points 10 Dec 23
  1. Transitioning from Rails to Node.js can provide a deeper understanding of how things work by allowing more control over configurations and avoiding excessive abstractions.
  2. Opting for Node.js can bring more job opportunities and choices due to its market demand, especially in medium and large enterprises.
  3. Using JavaScript for both Node.js backend and frontend frameworks like Vue.js can empower developers with a versatile skillset and broaden job prospects.
The Caring Techie Newsletter 27 implied HN points 10 Jan 24
  1. Influence without authority is a vital skill for everyone, from individual contributors to senior management.
  2. To get things done efficiently, you need to master the art of influencing without authority.
  3. Influencing without authority is essential for achieving career growth, turning ideas into reality, and building valuable relationships.
computers suck 176 implied HN points 01 Jun 23
  1. Traditional salary-setting processes can feel like a black box, leaving employees with little insight.
  2. Transparency in salary information contributes to equity and equality in pay.
  3. The Skill Tree process at garden3d empowers individuals to advocate for themselves and others in a fair and transparent manner.
Perspectives 6 implied HN points 29 Feb 24
  1. Networking is an investment that yields dividends - it's about connecting with like-minded individuals, not just transactional relationships.
  2. Building a network requires effort, but starting with small habits, finding like-minded communities, and being helpful can make it easier and enjoyable.
  3. Practicing thought leadership, embracing public speaking, and building communities are effective ways to grow your network and create a self-sustaining networking flywheel.
Brain Bytes 19 implied HN points 13 Dec 23
  1. Invest time in personal coding projects, starting with small ones and progressing to more complex ones. Quantity is crucial in the beginning, followed by a focus on quality.
  2. Define clear, measurable goals and work backward to plan your learning journey. Reverse engineering your goals helps to track progress and stay motivated.
  3. Develop not just technical skills but also soft skills like communication and teamwork. Networking and surrounding yourself with other developers can lead to valuable opportunities.
The Weasel Speaks 117 implied HN points 19 Mar 23
  1. Reflection is key to assessing growth and progress in both personal and professional life.
  2. Regular self-reflection can help differentiate exceptional professionals from mediocre ones.
  3. Taking intentional time to reflect can lead to learning, improvement, and a better understanding of one's trajectory.
Technology Made Simple 59 implied HN points 26 Mar 23
  1. Top engineers integrate feedback to grow faster by seeking and incorporating detailed feedback, and following up on the impact.
  2. Top engineers prioritize their time by focusing on high-return activities and ruthlessly assessing what is worth pursuing.
  3. Top engineers communicate effectively by articulating the 'why', avoiding jargon, tailoring messages to the audience, and sharing updates regularly.