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Lucian Truscott Newsletter • 3655 implied HN points • 06 Feb 24
  1. Private equity in aircraft manufacturing can lead to cost-cutting measures that compromise safety.
  2. Recent accidents involving Boeing 737 models point to potential flaws in design and manufacturing processes.
  3. Pressure to speed up production in the aviation industry can result in quality control issues and safety risks.
Liberty’s Highlights • 1041 implied HN points • 17 Jan 24
  1. Opportunity cost is often invisible but significant, so consider it in decision-making.
  2. Relative valuation in investing can be misleading, so always dig deeper.
  3. Mixing children of different ages in schools could offer benefits in learning and social development.
Ill-Defined Space • 9 implied HN points • 15 Feb 24
  1. SpaceX increased its launch goals for 2024 to 144, a significant jump from 2023's 100 launches.
  2. The January 2024 launches were at a high number, but SpaceX still needs to maintain a monthly average of 12 launches to reach the 144 launch goal for 2024.
  3. SpaceX's ability to deploy more massive Starlink satellites suggests potential challenges in meeting the 144 launch goal for 2024.
What's Important? • 4 implied HN points • 07 Feb 24
  1. Countries home to nearly half the world's population are having elections in 2024, a first in history.
  2. Geopolitical instability is increasing globally, leading to proxy wars and impacting energy markets.
  3. Space is becoming a critical area of focus, with discussions on space solar technology and moon territory claims.
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Startupology • 19 implied HN points • 09 Jan 24
  1. Supersonic flight is making a comeback after facing challenges like high operation costs and noise complaints.
  2. Exciting projects by NASA and private companies aim to bring back supersonic flight with advancements like 'sonic thumps' and sustainable fuels.
  3. The future of supersonic flight faces challenges like technical limitations, environmental concerns, safety precautions, and regulatory hurdles.
De Novo • 66 implied HN points • 27 Jul 23
  1. Runway Project is a combat tournament and art show based in Kerbal Space Program
  2. Craft design in Runway Project requires balancing firepower, thrust, maneuverability, resilience, and artistic potential
  3. Important design tips for Runway Project include considering round rules, incorporating art into craft design, testing designs, ensuring craft resilience, and tuning AI