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The Bear Cave 186 implied HN points 25 Feb 24
  1. New activist reports were published on companies like B. Riley Financial, Fluence Energy, and AirSculpt Technologies, raising concerns about undisclosed information, fraud allegations, and safety issues.
  2. There were recent resignations at Planet Fitness, including the CFO and former CEO, highlighting potential governance and operational concerns at the company.
  3. Several notable executive departures were announced in the past week at companies like MoneyHero, Icahn Enterprises, and Health Catalyst, pointing towards management instability and issues within these organizations.
Yet Another Value Blog 1395 implied HN points 10 Feb 24
  1. The loan book for NYCB is in worse shape than expected, potentially facing huge losses due to rent-regulated properties and increasing expenses.
  2. Despite the challenges, NYCB has over $7 billion in tangible equity, which could help the bank navigate through the crisis.
  3. Insider buying at NYCB following a special update call shows confidence in the institution, highlighting efforts to stabilize the stock amid a tough situation.
Nongaap Investing 27 implied HN points 29 Oct 23
  1. Carl Icahn made a significant allegation involving Helix funding GRAIL in a lawsuit against Illumina.
  2. Icahn is suing to uncover undisclosed motives behind Illumina's GRAIL acquisition, anticipating major board changes.
  3. Understanding the connection between Helix and GRAIL is crucial due to potential undisclosed stakes and the involvement of multiple companies like Biogen.
Nongaap Investing 30 implied HN points 22 Aug 23
  1. Milky Way Investments Group's $125 million investment may have been used to benefit Illumina insiders through undisclosed shares and influence in Grail's Series D round.
  2. Dr. Klausner's ownership of Grail shares through Milky Way Investments Group raised concerns about undisclosed insider transactions and potential conflicts of interest.
  3. The intertwining relationships between Helix, Grail, and Illumina, as well as the modifications of options and redemptions, suggest possible non-disclosed financial dealings and self-dealing among insiders.
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Net Interest 22 implied HN points 21 Jul 23
  1. Angelo Mozilo was a key figure in the mortgage industry, starting Countrywide Financial and seeing its rise and fall.
  2. Countrywide's shift towards subprime lending led to risky practices, with Mozilo's ambition for growth overriding concerns about risk.
  3. Despite the financial crisis fallout, Mozilo personally profited from insider trading but faced legal repercussions, highlighting the recurring issue of trading risk for growth in financial services.
Nongaap Investing 32 implied HN points 18 May 23
  1. Fraud by omission is a significant concern in the case of Illumina insiders and their financial windfall on Grail.
  2. By omitting material facts, Illumina insiders potentially misled investors and reaped undisclosed financial windfalls.
  3. The use of cost method accounting instead of equity method accounting may be seen as a form of fraud by omission, allowing for undisclosed financial benefits.