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Yet Another Value Blog 67 likes 15 May 23
Like a lot of the rest of the world, I’ve been thinking about banks a lot recently. Many of the investors I’ve talked to have said “banks are off limits for me.” Perhaps that’s the right approach; banks are somewhat black box-y. They are basically confidence games that take short term money and magically use it to fund long term investments, and right now it appears confidence can disappear from any bank at any time. It really doesn’t matter how good your balance sheet is; if 50% of your deposits pull over night, you’re going to have to fire sale some assets, and when you’re ~10:1 levered (as most banks are), even a small haircut (which you’ll have to take in a fire sale) will lead to the equity being a zero.
Yet Another Value Blog 38 likes 20 May 23
All of the sudden, everyone wants to talk about AI plays. Well, not everyone…. but I can assure you that there’s not a single investor who’s watching NVDA rip higher every day (and drag the NASDAQ with it) in the face of a down market (NVDA has more than doubled over the past six months with the Russell dropping a small amount) without thinking “I wouldn’t mind finding something that gets the ‘AI’ treatment.”
Yet Another Value Blog 11 likes 25 May 23
I was working on this month’s premium update (there’s a heck of a lot to talk about)…. but I wanted to do an update on one name in particular given how much I’ve been thinking about it / how underval…
Yet Another Value Blog 9 likes 02 May 23
***This podcast is brought to you by Stream by AlphaSense.*** Looking to enhance your investment research? Look no further than Stream by AlphaSense. Here are just a few reasons why thousands of investors use Stream for their primary research:
Yet Another Value Blog 8 likes 05 May 23
A quick bank idea to take advantage of some of the recent volatility. If you believe every bank is going to zero, this is not for you….. But given recent dynamics and a big capital infusion, I think …
Yet Another Value Blog 7 likes 18 May 23
I tend to be attracted to quirky companies, financial engineering, and weird situations. Companies that have no similar companies or situations that don’t have much of a precedent are absolute catnip…
Yet Another Value Blog 4 likes 31 May 23
Before we get to the updates- first, thank you so much for subscribing to the premium site! Second, a quick housekeeping. This month’s housekeeping has three parts: I mentioned it in my 2022 vision, bu…