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Unreported Truths 192 HN points 01 May 23
Three years in, the bell has rung. No, I don't expect Covidians and vaccine fanatics to apologize. But the ones so deluded as to think THEY still should be judging US - I'm done with them. Forever.
Unreported Truths 119 HN points 23 May 23
Yulia Hicks, the North Carolina girl denied a kidney transplant by Duke University surgeons because she was not vaccinated against Covid, will get her new kidney Thursday
Unreported Truths 72 HN points 16 May 23
A new paper offers fresh evidence ventilators killed Covid patients, suggesting ventilator-acquired pneumonia - not Covid itself - caused many deaths, while Sars-Cov-2 was relatively mild
Unreported Truths 57 HN points 05 May 23
A new study out of Denmark has the most disturbing findings yet about the link between cannabis and schizophrenia
Unreported Truths 44 HN points 10 May 23
The Chinese experience proves that countries do not have to tolerate drug use; the United States is currently under siege from a disastrous campaign to prove the opposite.