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bookbear express 445 implied HN points 28 Feb 24
  1. Finding something you're good at can boost confidence.
  2. Feeling loved and accepted, especially during tough times, can also help build confidence.
  3. Having supportive people who believe in you and care about you can contribute to a stronger sense of self.
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Low Fidelity 78 implied HN points 10 Mar 23
  1. Practice divergent and convergent thinking to solve problems effectively.
  2. Improve your sleep quality by following recommended tips like having a consistent routine and reducing screen time before bed.
  3. Building confidence involves practicing daily activities that challenge you, like taking cold showers.
The Caring Techie Newsletter 2 HN points 28 Jun 23
  1. Facing daunting tasks like public speaking requires finding a balance between calming nerves and getting excited.
  2. Breathing exercises can be helpful for calming down before taking on a challenging task.
  3. Creating a confidence portfolio can serve as a personal secret to boost confidence in various situations.
Austin's Analects 0 implied HN points 15 Apr 23
  1. CrossFit can be intimidating at first, but don't let that stop you from trying. Once you get past the initial fear, you may end up loving it.
  2. In CrossFit, it's important to swallow your pride and keep pushing forward, regardless of your fitness level. Progress is what makes the journey exciting.
  3. Utilize the support of coaches in CrossFit classes to learn proper techniques. Don't hesitate to ask questions and seek guidance, as that's what they're there for.