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The Take (by Jon Miltimore) 176 implied HN points 11 Feb 24
  1. Artists like Usher may headline the Super Bowl halftime show for free, but they benefit from increased record sales and exposure.
  2. The NFL's unique arrangement with performers makes sense from an economic perspective, as the exposure during the halftime show can lead to millions of dollars worth of value for the artists.
  3. Despite not receiving payment from the NFL, artists still have direct financial incentives to perform due to the significant spike in record sales and other subsequent opportunities.
Skunk Ledger 102 implied HN points 08 Jan 24
  1. The book discusses mixed-motive game theory, which combines cooperation and competition.
  2. It explores the power of tacit bargaining and how abstract ideas like framing and quality can influence negotiations.
  3. The concept of commitments is highlighted, showcasing how manipulating incentives and creating a reputation can lead to strategic advantages in conflicts and negotiations.
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Oz’s Newsletter 19 implied HN points 28 Dec 23
  1. The US's plan to apply the Afghanistan playbook in Ukraine against Russia backfired.
  2. Russia's successful strategies, including using alternative international financial payment systems, led to major economic consequences for the US.
  3. The Ukraine war did not go as planned for the US, with Russia's military tactics proving effective and US efforts in the Middle East also facing challenges.
Do Your Own Research 33 implied HN points 08 Mar 23
  1. The term sheet between Steven Crowder and The Daily Wire includes clauses that impose binding contractual obligations.
  2. The contract includes significant fee reductions for various scenarios, potentially impacting Crowder's earnings.
  3. The exclusivity and terms in the contract may limit Crowder's ability to pursue other opportunities or initiatives.
Perspectives 9 implied HN points 14 Mar 23
  1. Conscious renegotiation in a relationship involves discussing and setting clear expectations for shared responsibilities.
  2. Effective communication and continuous discussion are essential for maintaining a healthy and equitable partnership.
  3. Agreeing on ownership of tasks, avoiding complaints about how things are done, and revisiting responsibilities help in sustaining a balanced relationship.
Kartick’s Blog 0 implied HN points 19 Apr 23
  1. Different responses from leads: yes, yes but, no but, no, and ghosting have different implications in sales.
  2. Leads may ghost due to various reasons like ulterior motives, conflict avoidance, or cultural norms.
  3. Offering psychologically safe off-ramps to leads can help in identifying genuine interest and filtering out unproductive leads.
Satiation Point 0 implied HN points 28 May 23
  1. The failure of regional banks like Silicon Valley Bank due to assets including US government debt should deter politicians from risking default.
  2. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's willingness to use the debt ceiling as a bargaining chip is either reckless or ignorant.
  3. The debt ceiling contradicts laws on spending and taxation, making a case for its unconstitutionality under the 14th Amendment.