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The MKT1 Newsletter offers marketing advice focused on SaaS founders and marketers, covering a depth of topics from organizing growth marketing teams to leveraging AI and capital investment in marketing strategies. It emphasizes strategic, high-impact approaches and modern marketing alignment with product development.

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6 implied HN points 12 Feb 24
  1. Educating the rest of your company on marketing is crucial for success within a company's marketing team.
  2. Finding common ground with other teams, understanding target audience internally, and recognizing shared goals are key to effective internal marketing.
  3. Setting marketing goals and priorities, sharing them with the company, and establishing a process for handling ad hoc requests are essential for successful marketing outcomes within a company.
3 implied HN points 14 Mar 24
  1. Focus on using a wedge marketing approach to target a specific niche in the early stages of marketing to ensure personalized and valuable content for your audience.
  2. Consider the impact of whether your product is classified as vertical or horizontal on your marketing strategy, as this will influence how you select and expand from your initial wedge.
  3. As you scale and expand from your initial wedge, prioritize and tailor your marketing efforts for different audience segments to avoid spreading yourself too thin and losing resonance with your target markets.
5 implied HN points 19 Dec 23
  1. The MKT1 Method is a comprehensive approach to building B2B marketing, emphasizing the need to create your own playbook.
  2. Prioritize impactful work over random acts of marketing to drive growth more effectively.
  3. Balance and combine the 'fuel' (copy, content, design) with the 'engine' (channels, distribution, analytics) in your marketing strategy.
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12 implied HN points 09 Feb 23
  1. Growth marketing encompasses demand gen and other sub-functions for full-funnel growth.
  2. Modern growth marketing teams need clear organization and roles within 4 key sub-functions.
  3. Growth marketing should align with product marketing and content marketing to drive maximum efficiency in go-to-market efforts.
5 implied HN points 13 Jul 23
  1. Modern marketing is adapting by resembling product development, using new tools and technologies.
  2. Marketers in 2023 need to have a wide range of skills like audience expertise, design, data analysis, and modern martech.
  3. To succeed in modern marketing, focus on treating content as a product, leveraging modern martech tools, building high-converting websites, and measuring success beyond MQL goals.