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The Generalist 1280 implied HN points 13 Feb 24
  1. Founders need to be creative in their hiring practices to find the right talent for high-growth startups.
  2. Assessing a candidate's writing, backchanneling with previous employers, and focusing on cultural fit are key strategies for hiring exceptional talent.
  3. Conducting non-traditional interviews like principles-based interviews can help in identifying candidates who align with the company's values and work style.
Aaron Renn 1002 implied HN points 01 Feb 24
  1. There is a talent shortage for pastors in many churches today.
  2. Identifying and encouraging potential pastors early on could help address this shortage.
  3. Rethinking the recruitment and training process for pastors, like introducing apprenticeship models, can be beneficial.
Recruiting Brainfood 373 implied HN points 11 Feb 24
  1. The issue covers insights on the best universities for Artificial Intelligence, challenges faced by LinkedIn, and the importance of body fat percentages in the US Navy Seals.
  2. BrightHire Plan is highlighted as an innovative AI copilot for end-to-end interview planning, offering time-saving and inclusive job planning features.
  3. Various societal and economic topics are discussed, such as the impact of Generative AI, remote working, the economics of fertility, and the interpretation of the US's booming economy.
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Tech and Tea 279 implied HN points 10 Feb 24
  1. Career history interviews provide valuable insights into a candidate's learning capacity, adaptability, and mindset over time, beyond just current abilities.
  2. In a career history interview, ask structured questions for each job/project to understand achievements, challenges faced, relationships, and reasons for leaving.
  3. Look for communication style and red flags like poor communication, lack of awareness, and negativity during career history interviews to assess candidate suitability.
Grace on Football 648 implied HN points 31 Jan 24
  1. Liverpool's journey to find structural stability after Klopp's era began with a turbulent start due to a mistaken committee approach.
  2. The success of Liverpool's recent transfers is attributed to a clear structure under Klopp's direction with Edwards as a key figure.
  3. As Liverpool faces the departure of key personnel like Edwards and Schmadtke, the focus is now on finding a new sporting director to seamlessly fit into the existing system.
Recruiting Brainfood 1100 implied HN points 21 Jan 24
  1. Networking is crucial in the industry, meet people in-person to build connections.
  2. Enhancing your profile can give a competitive edge, consider participating in initiatives like Brainfood Tribune and Guest appearance on Brainfood Live.
  3. Performance is key, networking and profile building can complement performance in a positive cycle.
Daily Dreher 1631 implied HN points 11 Jan 24
  1. US Armed Forces are experiencing a significant decline in white recruits, raising concerns about recruitment strategies and a potential lack of interest among white individuals.
  2. The military's focus on DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiatives has raised questions about discrimination and its impact on recruiting efforts.
  3. Reports suggest that the Pentagon's embrace of anti-white ideology and DEI efforts have created a division and lack of trust within the ranks, potentially contributing to the decline in white recruits.
CrashOut by Ioan Grillo 727 implied HN points 21 Sep 23
  1. Cartels in Mexico are one of the top employers with a large number of recruits that need to be replaced constantly to maintain their operations.
  2. Reducing cartel recruitment is crucial in lowering violence in Mexico and preventing youths from joining these criminal organizations.
  3. Mathematical modeling can provide insights into understanding and addressing the complex issue of organized crime in Mexico.
Recruiting Brainfood 589 implied HN points 21 May 23
  1. Candidate experience is crucial for winning top talent in 2023, focusing on pillars like transparency, reciprocity, and unity.
  2. The WEF Future of Jobs report highlights regional variances in employment and the decline in real wages, impacting recruitment strategies.
  3. AI is transforming recruitment processes, from Google AI Search changing internet dynamics to AI assisting in automating hiring processes and message composition.
Recruiting Brainfood 530 implied HN points 26 Feb 23
  1. Earn top talent's trust by focusing on transparency, reciprocity, unity, speed, and truthfulness in the candidate experience.
  2. Study reports on candidate experience benchmarks and global HR tech to stay informed and improve recruitment operations.
  3. Consider the impact of remote work on local economies and explore the concept of Universal Basic Income as technology advances.
The Auburn Observer 353 implied HN points 28 Mar 23
  1. Roster changes are common in college basketball during the offseason due to the transfer portal.
  2. Bruce Pearl has experience rebuilding Auburn's basketball team through the transfer portal.
  3. Auburn is actively recruiting players from the transfer portal to fill multiple spots and rebuild their roster.
  4. Auburn basketball is going through a busy offseason with many scholarships available.
system bashing 176 implied HN points 01 Jul 23
  1. During a hiring process, it's important to assess candidates based on coachable vs non-coachable gaps to align with the team's needs.
  2. For junior engineers, watch out for extreme design decisions like overly complex or overly simplistic solutions, as they may indicate a lack of awareness.
  3. When interviewing, consider candidates' coding nature, such as the balance between writing clean code and practical functionality testing, as it reflects their approach to software development.
Build To Scale 19 implied HN points 12 Sep 23
  1. When hiring senior executives, probe to understand their past actions and problem-solving approaches to gauge their potential fit with your company.
  2. Beware of big company executives transitioning to startups, as they might struggle with the hands-on, rapid decision-making environment and bring in unnecessary processes.
  3. Always personally check the references of potential executives to get genuine insights on their work ethics and impact.
Build To Scale 19 implied HN points 21 Aug 23
  1. Quickly addressing poor performance is crucial for building a strong performance culture in a company.
  2. Identifying and managing poor performers is essential, especially in fast-growing organizations to maintain a high-performance environment.
  3. Giving clear feedback, setting expectations, and making decisions about poor performers promptly can lead to increased productivity and a stronger team.
Trying to Understand the World 1 HN point 17 Jan 24
  1. Western militaries are facing operational and recruitment challenges despite significant funding.
  2. Military recruitment struggles are influenced by societal shifts towards individualism and lack of a coherent narrative for joining the military.
  3. The management of defense budgets over programs has led to a loss of focus on actual defense capabilities in Western countries.
Digital Epidemiology 19 implied HN points 02 Jun 23
  1. The study focused on personalized nutrition with a digital cohort of 1,000+ participants tracking various data for glucose level management.
  2. Developing a digital cohort requires intricate digital infrastructure and investment in user-friendly applications for high retention rates.
  3. Data quality assessment is crucial for multi-modal data collection, and the study achieved high completion rates with a focus on improving nutrition tracking.
Faridaily 19 implied HN points 06 Apr 23
  1. Authorities are shifting from conscription to recruiting citizens through contracts for military service.
  2. Military is planning to increase the number of contract soldiers by 116,000 compared to previous years.
  3. Efforts are being made to introduce electronic summons for military service through digital platforms.
The Incrementalist 2 implied HN points 02 Mar 23
  1. Assessing engineering talent should focus on real-world problem-solving skills rather than memorization or speed.
  2. Conducting effective technical interviews involves being transparent about the process, asking questions that reflect the job's demands, and ensuring consistency among interviewers.
  3. Show empathy during interviews, guide the candidate through the process, and provide timely feedback to create a positive candidate experience.