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The Asianometry Newsletter • 1692 implied HN points • 12 Jul 23
  1. Sharp Corporation, a giant in consumer electronics, faced a 20-year decline due to reliance on the challenging LCD panel business.
  2. Founder Tokuji Hayakawa's journey from a young apprentice to creating iconic products like the Hayakawa Mechanical Pencil and Sharp radios.
  3. Sharp's move towards LCD technology led to financial strain, intense competition, and ultimately being acquired by Foxconn in 2016, marking the first foreign takeover of a major Japanese electronics firm.
Fintech Business Weekly • 81 implied HN points • 25 Feb 24
  1. Capital One's acquisition of Discover is a complex deal that has both good and bad elements for competition, creating a potential shake up in the US payments space.
  2. The CFPB is using once-dormant authority to supervise nonbank entities like World Acceptance Corp, focusing on risks to consumers.
  3. Acting Comptroller Hsu suggests creating a federal money transmitter licensing framework to better regulate non-bank companies providing bank-like services, highlighting potential risks in the growing role of non-bank firms in banking areas.
CDR Salamander • 1257 implied HN points • 17 Jul 23
  1. During wartime, aircraft are crucial and seaplanes historically played a role in rescuing flyers in distress.
  2. The ShinMaywa US-2 seaplane is seen as a modern, versatile, and necessary asset for military operations.
  3. Issues in military acquisition systems can hinder the procurement of vital equipment like seaplanes.
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First 1000 • 452 implied HN points • 19 Oct 23
  1. TechCrunch's journey started with a personal blog and grew into a media giant through credibility and breaking big tech news stories.
  2. TechCrunch rode the wave of the Web 2.0 era, evolving from a research tool into a significant news outlet.
  3. The pivotal moment for TechCrunch was breaking the accurate story of Google acquiring YouTube, leading to a surge in subscribers and solidifying its position in the tech media industry.
Tanay’s Newsletter • 189 implied HN points • 19 Dec 23
  1. Acquiring large startups is becoming tougher due to increased scrutiny from regulators.
  2. The actual deal price for Adobe's acquisition of Figma would have been higher due to stock price fluctuations.
  3. Breakup fees like the $1B termination fee can significantly impact companies and indicate bargaining power.
benn.substack • 991 implied HN points • 14 Apr 23
  1. dbt Labs' success has had a significant impact on people's lives by providing better job opportunities and higher salaries in the data industry.
  2. Despite its success, dbt Labs may face increasing competition in the future from startups and other companies that are challenging its position in the market.
  3. dbt Labs could consider evolving its business strategy by focusing on its community, exploring new product opportunities, or even exploring options like selling the company to better align with market trends and potential challenges.
ASeq Newsletter • 21 implied HN points • 21 Feb 24
  1. The acquisition of Solexa by Illumina involved strategic financial decisions and a combination of technology strengths to create a successful sequencing platform.
  2. There were missed opportunities and challenges due to financial constraints and differing viewpoints among key players in the sequencing technology industry.
  3. The early 2000s marked a period of significant innovation and the emergence of next-generation sequencing technologies, with various companies maneuvering to establish themselves in the market.
SuperJoost Playlist • 353 implied HN points • 04 May 23
  1. Historically, innovative distribution channels in gaming have grown the market, not reduced it.
  2. The UK's antitrust watchdog's decision to block the Activision deal could lead to less access and higher prices for UK consumers.
  3. Regulators may lack a deep understanding of the gaming market, potentially hurting the industry and consumers.
Business Breakdowns • 353 implied HN points • 18 Apr 23
  1. Adobe sells software for designers and marketers, known for products like Photoshop.
  2. Adobe's business is divided into three segments: Digital Media, Digital Experience, and Publishing.
  3. Adobe transitioned from product sales to subscription revenue model, leading to significant growth and challenges.
No-Code Exits • 157 implied HN points • 27 Jul 23
  1. Paul Metcalfe successfully sold his product, Lettergrowth, in just 4 months after building it with no-code tools.
  2. He used a landing page, DMs, and a community to find users, and relied on sponsorships for revenue.
  3. The acquisition happened quickly via Telegram Chat, with the buyer seeing potential in the product for their own business.
Value Investing Substack • 196 implied HN points • 15 May 23
  1. CD Projekt Red faced challenges similar to American Express' Salad Oil Scandal, but their Big Gaming moats could offer a favorable risk-reward balance.
  2. The botched release of Cyberpunk 2077 raised questions about third-party negligence and customer response, but only 2% requested refunds.
  3. CD Projekt Red is aiming for transformation by adopting industry standards and potentially entertaining acquisition offers, while maintaining large insider ownership.
No-Code Exits • 157 implied HN points • 16 Feb 23
  1. No-Code OG Drew started No Code List with simple tools and grew it into an extensive directory.
  2. Using tools like Bildr helped Drew open doors to great opportunities in the No-Code space.
  3. Drew's experience with building and selling No Code List showcases the potential for growth and acquisition in the No-Code community.
ASeq Newsletter • 58 implied HN points • 04 Aug 23
  1. PacBio is acquiring Apton BioSystems for approximately $110M to enhance their sequencing technology.
  2. The acquisition of Apton seems strategic for PacBio to develop a competitive high-throughput sequencing instrument.
  3. PacBio's new instrument lineup includes a range of sequencers from mid-range short reads to high-throughput long reads.
Nathan’s Substack • 4 HN points • 09 Feb 24
  1. In the face of drone threats, the issue is more political than technical, with acquisition processes being slow and bureaucratic.
  2. Obsolete air defense doctrines make it difficult to track and counter drones effectively, necessitating a shift in strategies.
  3. Technologically, there are solutions for detecting and neutralizing drones, including directed energy weapons, but bureaucratic hurdles are hindering their deployment.
Exponential Industry • 39 implied HN points • 30 Jul 23
  1. Room temperature superconducting material LK-99, could revolutionize various industries from transportation to computing.
  2. Companies are racing to replicate the results and bring new products to market quickly.
  3. Investments, partnerships, and acquisitions in the industry are accelerating innovations and expansions.
Exponential Industry • 39 implied HN points • 02 Jul 23
  1. Focused technology development bets lead to world-leading products and enduring companies.
  2. Advancements in automation technologies are reshaping industries and changing the balance between automation and human labor.
  3. Investments in high-tech solutions like robotics, AI, and additive manufacturing are driving innovation and efficiency across various sectors.
Exponential Industry • 19 implied HN points • 25 Jun 23
  1. AI adoption is rapidly advancing in various industries like automotive design, robotics, and textile handling.
  2. Manufacturers are increasingly incorporating AI technologies, with a strong preference for cloud vendors like Microsoft.
  3. Companies are investing billions of dollars in AI, automation, and manufacturing facilities to drive innovation and efficiency.
Captain's Log • 8 implied HN points • 08 Jul 23
  1. Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition involves acquiring small to medium-sized businesses and becoming the CEO without climbing the corporate ladder.
  2. The process includes raising funds for a search fund, locating a business to acquire, operating it for 5-7 years, then selling it.
  3. Despite the value in AI-driven businesses, the lengthy search process and moderate outcomes may deter pursuing Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition.
No-Code Exits • 2 HN points • 04 Aug 23
  1. Alex started creating online courses during the pandemic and earned 12K in 9 months
  2. His business was acquired by a leading No-Code agency and they are now working together
  3. They pivoted from a subscription model to selling cohort-based courses and experienced significant revenue growth
Richard Lewis • 1 HN point • 25 Apr 23
  1. Evil Geniuses faced financial struggles under new ownership, leading to a decline in performance and brand reputation.
  2. The takeover by Peak6 brought in new management, leading to a shift in company culture and a focus on rebranding.
  3. Former and current employees reported negative experiences, citing a lack of care for staff well-being and a culture of intimidation.
Exponential Industry • 0 implied HN points • 21 Jan 24
  1. Manufacturing is becoming trendy with an increased focus on showcasing the manufacturing process through videos.
  2. Automated equipment and robotics are gaining importance in manufacturing industries to cut costs and improve efficiency.
  3. Partnerships, funding rounds, and collaborations are key in advancing technologies and driving innovation in the industrial sector.
Stemble - for the love of STEM! • 0 implied HN points • 18 Jul 23
  1. Microsoft and Sony sign a 10-year deal to keep 'Call of Duty' on PlayStation.
  2. This partnership aims to address concerns about limiting access to the game solely on Xbox consoles.
  3. Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard faces challenges from regulators but progresses towards completion.
Newsletter Circle • 0 implied HN points • 10 Jul 23
  1. The newsletter industry is growing with the emergence of platforms like Duuce dedicated to buying and selling newsletters.
  2. Duuce shifted to a vetted marketplace model, focusing on quality newsletters, success fees, and proper due diligence.
  3. Educating and providing tools for growth and monetization are key to preparing for the future of trading newsletters.