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Doomberg 24704 HN points 04 Jun 22
The intoxicating power to nullify people instead of hypotheses has proved irresistible.
The Map is Mostly Water 15421 HN points 25 Aug 20
Dear friends, I am a provincial person. I have lived in New Hampshire for almost my whole life, a few thousand feet from the hospital where I was born. Sometimes I tell people I have never been to America, for I’ve never seen Chicago, or LA, or Houston, or anywhere outside of New England really. I haven’t even gotten around to visiting New York City, though it is only a 4 hour drive away. (I will go some day, to see the museums, and to get fat on all the good food you cannot get here.) When I have means to travel I cross the Atlantic, mostly, though I have been to
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Doomberg 14276 HN points 03 Feb 22
The Work of My Life: January 2022 Report | The soulful contour of the human endeavor is what drives the popularity of authenticity over perfection.
Resident Contrarian 13920 HN points 30 Nov 20
I feel a little bad writing this because I just came down on How to be an Antiracist author Ibram X. Kendi in my last (and first ever, on this blog) post, and especially so since I used him as a bit of a “what not to do” example. At the same time, though, Kendi’s important enough that he merits some above-average amount of attention -
The Map is Mostly Water 10281 HN points 11 Jun 20
Once an old monk lived in a simple hillside temple, the kind frequented by weary travelers. When the nights were clear his chanting resounded in the village below, and all who heard it were struck with awe. One night a spirit flew above the temple and heard the old monk’s chanting. The spirit descended to a porch and in a thin, reedy voice, asked the monk if he may enter. Though it was getting dark, and the monk had not lit a candle, he found the voice familiar and without turning his head permitted the visitor to enter. The spirit opened the door and with mossy footsteps made his way to sit beside the monk. The monk, still concentrating on the voice of the spirit, asked where he was from.
Doomberg 8759 HN points 07 Feb 22
As another domestic pipeline project is shut down, Biden invites an energy alliance with the Emir of Qatar.
yourlocalepidemiologist 8747 HN points 27 Jul 22
This is me at the White House today. New shoes and all. Trying to keep my cool. I am so overwhelmingly honored and humbled to represent epidemiology, scientific communication, and most importantly this YLE community in conversations about the future of COVID19, monkeypox, and pandemic preparedness in the U.S. and across the globe. I brought all of the lessons YOU taught me so we can better respond as a country.