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The Popehat Report 70127 HN points 19 Apr 23
Patient readers: I am in week two of a God-knows-how-long trial in San Diego. It’s a great city and if you have to be away from home in trial, this is one of the best places: walking a few blocks to the courthouse, enjoying mild weather, sampling the frankly pretentious array of craft beers and so forth. It does make long-form writing harder, though.
Construction Physics 26933 HN points 07 Jul 23
The earth contains a lot of titanium - it’s the ninth most abundant element in the earth’s crust. By mass, there’s more titanium in the earth’s crust than carbon by a factor of nearly 30, and more titanium than copper by a factor of nearly 100. But despite its abundance, it's only recently that civilization has been able to use titanium as a metal (titanium dioxide has been in use somewhat longer as a paint pigment). Because titanium so readily bonds with oxygen and other elements, it doesn’t occur at all in metallic form in nature.
Doomberg 24704 HN points 04 Jun 22
The intoxicating power to nullify people instead of hypotheses has proved irresistible.
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Construction Physics 19834 HN points 25 May 23
The day must come when electricity will be for everyone, as the waters of the rivers and the wind of heaven. It should not merely be supplied, but lavished, that men may use it at their will, as the air they breathe. - Emile Zola, “Travail”, 1901